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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Can Solar panels save me money?

Solar panels can actually make you money, as you might do well when you sell the house because people are looking for green homes, where the work has already been done.

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Solar energy will be money saving depending on whether you can meet the set up cost, you are essentially creating free energy instead of having to pay for it. Solar power enables you to to create your own energy.

Over the years,the cost of setting up a home solar power system has dropped because more and more people are using it, therefore technology is more widely available.

A grid-tie inverter will enable you to feed energy back into the grid power system, in some countrys,the energy you put back into the energy grid system may be paid for by the utility company gaining benefit from your contribution, so the cost of making electricity will definitely be used to bring down the cost of what you spend.

Solar panels will save you money but it depends on where you live in the world , you may get less incentives in a county that might have low sun light levels, such as in the northern hemisphere region.

In Europe, Germany has the most users of Solar panels so there would be more incentives there than in the UK.
Solar power energy also benefits the country by producing jobs.The best way to work out if solar energy can provide you with enough power to make it worth while, is to look at how much your energy consumption is at the moment and how much of that current use will you be able to generate using solar energy.

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