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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tank reservoir for solar energy

Tank reservoir's for solar energy come in the form of cylinders, calorifiers and heat exchange systems.
Calorifiers are the tanks are used to store hot water that has been heated by solar power, they can at around a 500 litre capacity, the larger range is from 500 litres upwards.

Solar heat exchangers transfer the heat from a reservoir( water tank) to a system such as swimming pool or your main home hot water tank, once the heat is pumped out of the system the water is then forced up the reservoir from the heat exchanger inside the tank back up to the system to be heated by solar energy .
Tank reservoirs for solar energy are usually vented or unvented systems, fed into a single or double coil unit, The tanks are insulated using polyurethane foam or wool thermal insulation. The insulation is to minimise any heat loss from the tank.

The best domestic use is for solar energy is for water heating.
For a high flow rate tank with efficient heat retention, prices usually start at 2000 euros.

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