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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Photo credit: Wild Guru Larry
Solar energy is a great example of one of the most successful forms of alternative energy, although these disadvantages mainly apply to mass produced solar panels, built on a small scale many of these disadvantages can be overcome.

- Solar power is still not available in all regions of the world

-There are hazardous by-product from the manufacture of solar power

-Expensive can take years to recover the cost although this is improving significantly

- At night you have to use solar battery which are charged during the day

- In order maximise the use of solar energy it must be installed in a sunny area, mountainous regions will be able to get less productive output than say sunny California.

- The efficiency of photovoltaic cells can be affected by cloud and pollution

-Disposing of the waste products from solar energy such as toxic batteries that may only on average last 10 years.

- Efficiency ratings of some solar panels are not as good so you need to check the the rating as some can only produce 14%

-Upfront cost compared to traditional means of energy supply. you may be able to heat the swimming pool year round, but maybe not the whole house.

- Low efficiency rates as solar energy yield through photovoltaic cells and energy transfer is low, although different forms and production methods of solar panels can change this.

- Great improvements are needed in the optical sensor array in order to increase efficiency of Solar panels.

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