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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Costs of switching to wind energy

Wind power uses the energy of the wind to generate electricity.
On a large scale wind energy is usually captured in wind farms with giant white windmills.
The cost of wind energy depends on the amount of energy you want to generate, after successful installation the residual costs are just for maintenance and repair.

The amount of benefit-cost spent on wind power is lower compared to say the same value spent on solar energy.

Depending on the proximity away from the living residence, the wind turbine can be quite noisy and the maintenance costs are quite expensive.

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The equipment needed for your home wind turbine:
Tail and blades
Stop Switch
Charge controllers, an ammeter and Diode
Automated control unit
Fan components such as a hub, motor and wires

Here are some checks you might want to do prior to setting up a wind power system at home:

What inverter will you need to convert your DC to AC ?

Is the location windy enough ?

What time of day will you need to switch it on ?

How big is the shaft going to be? depending on the energy you want to get out of it, this can be achieved by applying the tip speed ratio to your plans.

Generally you cannot switch to wind energy unless you live in a windy area because you need to have adequate wind strength in order to be able to turn a turbine.

The disadvantages of home wind farms is that you have to put energy into the system to get it going.

If you're planning a giant wind farm large commercial turbines cost
between 1 -3 million each at the lower range.

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