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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

When do you think we will start using water to power cars?

Are cars already running on water?


If they did exist

Cars powered by water would initially be a hybrid electric car , which will use hydrogen ions liberated from water into the cars "gas" tank, the resultant gas would be from the exhaust as steam.

It seems simple but due to the explosive nature of hydrogen gas, this big factor is best left for scientists and engineers to fathom.

Prediction two, so we know water powered cars will use hydrogen derived from water to sustain power, these car will ultimately need to be powered using a hydrogen fuel cell.

Photo Credit: Hugo90
GM Electrovan 1966

After extensive research the closest that I came to finding a car powered by water, was the Garrett electrolytic carburetor ( not pictured above) which was alleged to run for a few minutes, but that was in 1955!
The picture above is a 1966 General motors elcrovan, the first model they produced that contained a hydrogen fuel cell.

To produce a car which can run on water, it would use hydrogen from water as a carrier of energy but not produce it directly.

In terms of producing energy a radio frequency can be used to liberate hydrogen ions, but this can be a cause for concern, because at the wrong frequency , it may produce a detonation effect, so the car could travel miles but just not in a forward direction as you expect. It would be more of upward and outward!

Although there are claims all over the Internet of people actually running cars on water, do not buy into these claims as it is yet to be discovered and completely credited as working.

If you know of any water powered cars please post in the comments below, with the following template:

The name of the Car:
It can be bought from car company:
Its top speed:
miles/gallon data if you please:

I'll update this post as more positive evidence is found, so check back soon.
Thanks for Reading.

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