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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Where does wind energy come from?

Wind Power is usually split into two types, offshore and land based operations.

Most of the wind energy produced  for power needs comes from wind farms, great big windmill type contraptions produce electricity because as the wind blows it turns the blades on a shaft, which powers a generator.

Photo credit: Peter Heilmann

I can rightly predict that the use of wind power will greatly increase in the future, it has been recently demonstrated that wind turbines can be extremely robust.

In March 2011 , a Japanese Earthquake on the eastern part of the country caused mass devastation, not only to the power infrastructure, but in the hearts and minds of the people who live there and the world over.
It is a known fact that the regions wind farms and other wind powered capabilities remained in tact.
Wind Power is designed to convert renewable sources of energy and it did just that.

Wind Circulation

Wind energy is mechanical energy, the rotating movement of the blades of the windmill produces electricity through a generator.

The wind is formed by the heating and cooling effects of the suns rays, the air rotates in high and low pressure which generates wind.

Depending  on the type of wind pressure that is generated,whether it is a cool breeze on your face, different capacity of the strength of wind is formed in different parts of the world, this power goes to producing an effective source of untapped energy, for use by us in the form of heating and lighting.

Photo Credit: .Swallowtail.

Texas has the largest onshore (on land) wind farms in the world, by the end of 2007 they were producing 16,596 MW of power which is the equivalent to powering 5 million homes based on average household consumption.

Solar energy power is more preferable to wind energy as the yield of energy is much better, but this is likely to change through the power of wind power technologies, which will need to become more cost effective to gain higher yields.

To have wind power for your home, usually a wind turbine power system is installed, this is currently the only way to use wind energy for direct use into your home. 

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